Godrej Reserve

Situated in the peaceful enclave of Devanahalli, in North Bangalore, Godrej Reserve epitomizes luxurious living. Spanning an expansive 92.7 acres, this ongoing forest-themed plotted development is strategically located near the Kempegowda International Airport, ensuring both convenience and connectivity for residents. The landscape of Godrej Reserve unfolds with diverse contours, boasting a mesmerizing palette of green hues that creates a serene sanctuary for prospective homeowners. With an impressive 6 acres of lush forest, the project goes beyond conventional living by offering not one, but two meticulously designed clubhouses, serving as vibrant communal hubs that foster a strong sense of community among residents. Additionally, Godrej Reserve features a multitude of thoughtfully crafted community parks, further enhancing the overall quality of life for its inhabitants.

Godrej Reserve main elevation

Seize the chance to turn your aspirations into reality by investing in a plot at Godrej Reserve. It’s more than a mere financial decision, it signifies a dedication to forging a lasting heritage for generations to come. The vast expanse of the landscape offers an ideal foundation for crafting your dream abode, ensuring a seamless integration of natural surroundings with contemporary living. Beyond just a plot of land, it serves as the cornerstone for establishing roots and creating a cherished home. Explore the pinnacle of opulent living amidst nature’s embrace, where every facet resonates with the assurance of a well-crafted legacy.

Godrej Reserve stands out with its low-density layout, ensuring exclusivity with just nine plots per acre. Its infrastructure features cutting-edge elements, such as pre-cast roads, augmenting accessibility and convenience for residents. With two spacious clubhouses strategically positioned, accessibility remains a top priority for all residents. Noteworthy is the project’s 6-acre forest experience, adorned with an impressive 42,000 trees. Demonstrating foresight, the developer has partnered with an Afforest Agency, employing the innovative Japanese Miyawaki Technique to cultivate a forest, lending a distinctive touch to the environment. Moreover, the expansive green landscapes spanning 12 acres contribute significantly to the overall beauty and ecological equilibrium of Godrej Reserve, enhancing its allure and sustainability.

Godrej Reserve introduces meticulously planned internal roads, ensuring smooth navigation within the development. Enhancing the lifestyle experience further is a conveniently located retail plaza. In a pioneering move, the developer collaborates with Living Greens for organic farming, enabling residents to grow vegetables directly on their plots. Adding to its charm are the panoramic views of Nandi Hills, creating a picturesque backdrop. The master planning, deftly executed by DADA Architects, features a central curving spine adorned with greenery and parks, enhancing the aesthetic appeal and fostering a harmonious living environment. With a total of 950 units, Godrej Reserve invites you with a starting price of Rs 94 lakh, encouraging you to embrace a life of sophistication and natural splendour.

Godrej Reserve Master Plan

Godrej Reserve Master Plan

Covering 92.7 acres, Godrej Reserve Master Plan offers meticulously designed plotted development amidst 43,000 trees. Amidst this vast landscape, find generously sized plots and charming holiday homes, ensuring a harmonious blend of tranquillity and luxury. Discover the serene surroundings and spacious plots, providing an ideal canvas for your dream home within Godrej Reserve Master Plan’s picturesque enclave.

Godrej Reserve Location

Godrej Reserve Location map

Nestled in the scenic Lakshmipura village, Godrej Reserve enjoys a prime location within Devanahalli, Uttarahalli Hobli, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India, with a Pin Code of 562110. Devanahalli stands at the nexus of connectivity, boasting seamless road access to various city hubs. Residents relish proximity to shopping malls, movie theatres, schools, and hospitals, enriching their lifestyle. With Devanahalli’s strategic location, immediate construction opportunities abound, offering more than just convenience—it’s a gateway to the vibrant Nandi Hills. Beyond mere accessibility, this locale embodies security and harmony, fostering an environment where residents can truly embrace a superior quality of life.

Devanahalli stands out as an exceptional investment hub, with its proximity to essential facilities and numerous companies, making it a magnet for potential investors. If you’re at a stage in life where finding the perfect plot to build your dream home is paramount, consider focusing on this Bangalore suburb. Devanahalli emerges as an appealing option for those longing for a spacious residence near the city, thanks to its accessibility to Bangalore airport. This is particularly beneficial for individuals with frequent work-related travel commitments. With its wide roads, lush greenery, and vast open spaces, Devanahalli provides an ideal setting for constructing a standalone home, offering a harmonious blend of urban accessibility and natural tranquility for discerning homeowners. Explore Devanahalli’s potential for investment and residential bliss today.

Devanahalli: A Promising Destination Overflowing with Opportunities

Amidst Bangalore’s rapid expansion, Devanahalli emerges as a captivating extension of the cityscape. Strategically positioned, this locale holds immense potential, serving as the focal point for urban growth. With its strategic location and abundant opportunities, Devanahalli stands as the next significant destination for those seeking a vibrant living environment. Discover why Devanahalli is set to become the next urban hotspot, offering a seamless blend of progress, accessibility, and a bright future for both residents and investors alike. Explore the promising prospects that Devanahalli presents, as it evolves into a thriving hub of activity and opportunity.

  • Unlock Lucrative Business Prospects: Within the development landscape, upcoming projects like the BIAL IT Investment Region, Devanahalli Business Park, Aerospace Park, SEZ, and IT and Hardware Park are set to complement the existing Shell Technology Center. This diverse array signifies a thriving business sector, poised to create numerous job opportunities in the coming years.Top of Form
  • Educational Excellence Unveiled: Devanahalli is home to prestigious educational institutions including Akash International School, Carmael School, Nagarjuna College of Engineering, and Nalanda College of Education, ensuring excellent education for upcoming generations.
  • Seamless Connectivity with Effortless Access: Devanahalli is seamlessly connected to the city via NH-7, a 6-lane elevated carriageway, and a proposed high-speed railway line, with the upcoming phase of the Bangalore Metro ensuring ongoing enhancements in connectivity.
  • Top-Tier Medical Centre: With esteemed facilities such as Leena Multispecialty Hospital, Akash Hospital, and NRV Hospital, Devanahalli serves as a healthcare sanctuary, providing top-notch medical care to its residents.

Godrej Reserve Amenities

Godrej Reserve presents an array of community amenities, fostering a vibrant neighborhood atmosphere. The versatile Community Hall hosts diverse events, celebrations, and gatherings, encouraging a strong sense of togetherness among residents. For health and fitness enthusiasts, the property offers a comprehensive experience with facilities like swimming pools, including a children’s pool, and a fully-equipped gym. Additionally, the state-of-the-art Clubhouse serves as a central hub for socializing, recreation, and community gatherings, enriching the overall lifestyle experience.

Families can enjoy the refreshing Swimming Pool and the safe and enjoyable Children’s Pool, promoting water confidence from an early age. Furthermore, dedicated Dance Classes encourage creativity and fitness for residents of all ages, fostering a healthy lifestyle. The well-stocked Library caters to book enthusiasts, offering a serene haven for reading and intellectual exploration. Residents can also explore the mysteries of the universe at the Sky Observatory, while the dedicated Kid’s Gym promotes physical activity in a fun and engaging manner.

Moreover, the Activity Station becomes a dynamic focal point for recreational pursuits, catering to diverse interests within the community. Devanahalli redefines lifestyle with unique features like the Lego Lounge, Cricket Pitch, Comics Library, and Board Games Playroom, fostering camaraderie and social interaction among residents. Whether indulging in cricket matches, unwinding with a collection of comics, unleashing creativity in the Lego Lounge, or engaging in friendly board game competitions, residents find ample opportunities for leisure and community interaction within Godrej Reserve.

Godrej Reserve Price

At Godrej Reserve, a 30 X 50 (Cottage) plot spanning 1500 square feet is priced at Rs. 94 Lacs, while a 30 X 60 (Bungalow) plot covering 2006 square feet costs Rs. 1.31 Cr. Additionally, a 40 X 60 (Mansion) plot of 2611 square feet is available for Rs. 1.76 Cr, and a 40 X 80 (Estate) plot spanning 4366 square feet is priced at Rs. 2.07 Cr. Explore various plot options tailored to your preferences and budget at Godrej Reserve.

Godrej Reserve Gallery

Godrej Reserve gallery

The upcoming Godrej Woodscapes stands out as the highly anticipated pre-launch development throughout Bangalore.